All of our albums come in a box for protection.


Handmade Velvet Albums

Handmade Botanical Albums

Leather Scrapbook

Handmade Linen Albums

These albums are extra special and each design is unique. 
We press the flowers, make the cover from scratch and style them with luxury velvet ribbons. Each album is a 100% unique! 

When you book one of our photo booths and add a scrapbook 
our team will provide extra prints, stickers, metallic pens, markers, and tape. We will encourage your guests to write a note and paste their photos in your album.

These albums are made out of faux leather (they are very cute) and have black pages.
Measurements 8.5" H x 7" W

The texture of these handmade albums is lovely, styled with a luxury silk ribbon - giving a very romantic, luxurious touch. 

These albums are handmade using linen covers and paired with lovely velvet ribbons.
Blush & cream velvet ribbons are available on this collection.

Albums measurements  11" H X 8" W  Pages are cream color

Chiffon Ribbon Colors : Currenlty we only have white.

Chiffon Ribbon Colors:  Currently we only have nude 

Chiffon Ribbon Colors: Currenlty we only have white.