1. Must have your own car, valid driver’s license & insurance.
2. Must be able and willing to lift up to 60-70 pounds
3. Have basic knowledge of computers and photography.
4. Like the event industry. (Weddings, parties, concerts, conventions you name it)
5. Problem-solving, creativity, and the ability to stay calm and thrive in high-pressure conditions.
6. Weekend available. (Not all but at least 2 a month)

Higher than the average hourly rate.
Meeting awesome people at the coolest parties, weddings, and events.
Occasional tips.
Compensation: Hourly pay, travel and Parking is reimbursed 100%.

Training required and paid. $15/hr This includes training at our office and shadowing one or two events with another attendant.

Training time: $15.00 /hr
Shadow Events: $15.00/hr
Solo Events: $25./hr

Job Type: Part-time, Contract
Salary: $20.00 - $25.00 per hour

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