3. How does the social media feature work with our chosen package?

1. What is the difference between the color and vintage booth?

2. Does the Vintage booth print in color?

Our social media feature is included in every package we offer, we just need Wifi from the venue!
Guests will be able to scan a QR code using their phone or type in their email and receive their digital copies in real time. 
If the venue does not have wifi, guests can still type their e-mails and once we connect our laptops to Wifi everyone will get the photos. 

The only difference, is the appearance. Both booths provide the same quality photo & features.
One looks more Vintage and the other one is modern with colorful LEDs on the side.

Yes! It prints color and black and white photos.

4. What size templates are included with our package?

9. How Long Does Set Up/Break Down Incorporated Into The Hours We Book?

5. Will I receive a copy of the photos taken from my event?

6. Can guests choose to get photos taken in both black and white and color?

7. What scrapbook option do you have available and how much would it cost me?

2x6" strips are included in every printing package we offer. If you would like bigger photos (4x6") that is an additional $150.00

Our attendants arrive 2/1 hours before start time. Set-up typically takes around 40 mints. We just like to give ourselves extra time.
Break down begins immediately after our end time and usually takes between half an hour and hour.
You are only charged for the time in which the booth is in operation for your event.

Yes! You will receive a link to have access to your online gallery, if you want physical copies we recommend adding a scrapbook or bring your own.

Yes, your guests can choose between color and B&W or just have all the photos in B&W
We send you all the photos taken in B&W and Color,

Philly Snap Booth scrapbook fee is $125. we'll provide extra copies and encourage your guests to write a note or paste it on the album, we can't promise all the photos taken would be on it, some guests don't want to paste their photos for multiple reasons. But we'll do our best to provide a lovely memory with our metallic pens & cute stickers.
Click HERE to see our options. 

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